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How do you control your inventory / stock?


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I have a quick question. I sell tangible goods in my cubecart store and I my issue isn't so much knowing when to re0order my goods as CC does a good job keeping track of all that. I guess my issue is that I do not use any software like Quickbooks to handle the inventory money making side of things. How do you keep track of the money you make from your sales so you know how much of that to spend on reordering more product?


Here's an example.


Let's say I sell $100 worth of a product (broken out into four $25.00 increments) and it costs $50 to reorder more of that product. How do you guys keep track of when you've made enough from a product that you're not dipping into your pockets? This is over simplified and probably doesn't make sense the way I described it, but it's hard to explain.



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"Keep track of when you've made enough from [sales of] a product that [you can order more such that] you're not dipping into your pockets?"


That's a good question. But any business must have an accounting department. Otherwise, you are basically running a hobby.


So, the accounting is being done by you -- and you choose your weapon of choice -- where you figure out how much taxes to pay, etc. Or you contract for the services of a bookkeeper. Their reports will indicate what, if any, profits you have on a per product basis and the health of your bank account.


But this is the model of business I prefer -- you use someone else's money. That is, get a business line of credit, and when it's time to order more, you just order more. The cost of borrowing is included as a business expense that is part of your inventory markup.


CC5 allows for the creation of any type of report, and only very basic reports come with a standard CC5 installation. (Maybe to keep the cost of the application down?)


So, if you can get your bookkeeper to design the report that will show what you are wanting to show, we can help you develop the report code for CC5.

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