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Blank Shipping module pages


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Restored 5.12 Cubecart to server. Previously turned on shipping modules are working correctly and can be viewed for editing.


However, if I attempt to use a shipping module that was previously off, when launched, it presents only a blank white page. Here's the error log:


[29-Dec-2014 16:48:19 UTC] PHP Warning:  in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/XXSITEXX/public_html/pizzanow/admin/sources/products.index.inc.php on line 367
If I do activate a previously "off" shipping module, it will work (in its default setting) and show up in the store for checkout.
But obviously I cannot edit the module properties, since the admin page is blank.
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That error is still around from quite a few versions back. It has to do with setting a variable if certain conditions are met. If the conditions are not met, the variable never gets set. Later, that variable is used -- having been set or not set regardless -- in a function. It's less than ideal programming but it only causes a warning and will not crash CubeCart. The conditions are if any currently assigned images to a product are 'removed', that is, given a red-x in the image picker window.


Getting nothing when making a request is either a Fatal PHP error or a 500 Internal Server Error. The fatal error will show in the logs. The 500ISE probably won't.


500ISE's are generally caused by a problem with .htaccess (using rules or modules inappropriately) or there is a problem with a skin file.


I will bet there is something going on with the skin file, but Smarty is really good about logging errors about skin files in the error log.


If possible, let us know if there are any other log entries in the error_log file, that may mention module.class.php or a file in a module folder.

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My problem fixed by Al at support.
He said it was a new problem which he fixed by changing a line in
around line 80 depending on version
from: $default_priority = $module_order[$_GET['type']][strtolower($_GET['module'])];
to: $default_priority = 1;

Hope this helps somebody

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I tried the code fix mentioned in the previous post, but it didn't make a difference  for me.

How I got this fixed:


I installed another, fresh copy of cubecart 5 into another directory ("A").


I exported the DB from the malfunctioning cubecart ("B")


I then imported the DB from B into A


I then copied the images folder from B into the images folder of A


I copied my Skin from B (Vanilla with many custom changes) into the Skins folder of A (overwriting the skin folder which had the same name)

I copied the few other customized items (such as my customized payment gateway module)  from B into A

I logged into A and made sure everything was working right. I made a test purchase to make sure the front end was working.

The point of this was to get the shipping gateway modules to now show up onscreen, ready to be used (instead of blank white screens). This was solved using the method above.

The last thing I did was to switch the names of the directories, so that in the end my fresh copy (with my customized parts) was Now "B" and the old malfunctioning cube cart in the other directory was now "A".


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