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Hiding Out of Stock Products


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Please can you explain how to hide out of stock (ie.already sold) products form the storefront.

We tried ticking the 'Hide Out of stock' option but our website still shows the product but just says it is currently out of stock.

We want to hide the unavailable products rather than remove them completely from the site. Is is possible to do this?


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This is an ongoing issue...but there's a lot of action going on to find a solution...have a read through this post and you'll find further info on current developments. I think bsmither is very close to a solution...and I'm sure he'll be able to offer some additional info.


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I hope this helps.



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Hiding out of stock products is not the same as hiding out of stock options.


The admin setting, "Hide out of stock products," will work.


What you may be experiencing is that Cubecart keeps a watch on whether or not you are logged in as an admin. If you are, CubeCart will not hide certain things.


To get around this, I have installed another browser. I prefer Firefox, so I installed Firefox "normal" as well as Firefox Portable (portableapps.com). This keeps sessions separate.

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