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  1. Hi Can anyone explain why I only seem to have one choice of skin (default version foundation) with the latest version of cubecart? I have used cubecart in the past for other sites and there were several skins to choose from.
  2. Finally working - after lots of unloading and reloading. Thank you for your help.
  3. I did not actually put the actual cubecart folder across - only its contents. However, now i have removed all the files and reloaded onto my www. folder including the cubecart folder. Now I am just getting my hosting site main page as if no-one is using this web domian yet. ie. I assume nothing has actually loaded onto my site Very frustrating!! Never had these problems with the old version of Cubecart.
  4. I just tried reloading all the files again and once again I was not given the choice of the two links on completion of the cubecart setup
  5. the bit that seems to have gone wrong is the fact that I never got the screen with the two links. I used cyber duck and simply uploaded all the unzipped files which is what I have done for a previous site. I have found an admin that is admin_ vr4k0q.php but if I put that after my sites name (finchpot.co.uk) nothing happens - just stuck on a blank white page with no message at all. by 'mysite.com' did you mean my personal site etc?
  6. I also did not get the choice to go to either the store front or the admin control panel after completing the cubecart installation which seemed a bit odd
  7. By template I mean an example of how a store front might look with a logo and spaces for images with prices but no actual real info in terms of store names etc. there is also a login or register option - again as if it is a template for a storefront The logo even says "Store Logo" and the categories are test categories
  8. Having just installed cubecart v6 no admin control panel login page is coming up when I go to my site name. I just get a template. If I put in my website name/admin a get a 404 page not found error message. Any clues as to what I have done wrong?
  9. Nothing came through on pending. Cant seem to PM you bsmither
  10. Not sure how to test it out other than someone placing an order.
  11. We did have the order status for admin email notifications set to processing. I have now changed it to pending to see if that makes any difference. We also no longer receive emails on completed emails. Although I am not sure where this one is generated. Could there be an error under our email sending method perhaps?
  12. I have checked the language setup in admin and the default language is English. When I look under the actual UK flag for the Admin: Order received email template it comes up as English. When I test the email on Advance settings page I get the message that the test failed to execute but we do then receive an email saying testing cube cart
  13. I know - that's what made me wonder if there's a glitch in there somewhere!
  14. Any clues on how to solve the problem we are having - no email notifications coming through? Unlike bos (glad your situation is sorted!) our site is English so no problems with translation of templates there. Any other ideas? It was all running smoothly until quite recently.