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  1. Having not used my site for a while I have just tried to login to make some changes but I am no longer getting access to the initial admin login page. I just seem to be directed to my home page instead. Any clues as to what is going on? I am typing my web site name followed by /admin and the code I was originally given and then .php
  2. How do I create an error log?
  3. Hi, I have been trying to complete the set up process from the link given on that error message. If I go to the upgrade page within admin it says the version is up to date and there are no further upgrades. It appears the version is up to date 6-2-8 but the database is still 6-2-6 somehow. We have a skin we do not want to lose.
  4. My dashboard is giving me an error message saying; WARNING: Your store appears to be using source code from 6.2.8 but the database is still at 6.2.6. Please complete the upgrade by running the setup process.s However if I try to run the setup I get an error message of 504 or 503 Gateway timed out and server stopped responding. Please can you explain how to rectify this?et We also cannot seem to create any more items or process orders at the moment. Please can you also clarify what might be going on and what needs to be done to sort it out? Thanks
  5. Hi Please can you explain how to stop out of stock products from being displayed on the storefront? Thanks
  6. As we were having problems getting onto one of our sites - both on the admin side and the live side, we had a look at our other site (live) and it has come up with a lot of gobbledogoop which was not there when we last looked. Is there some sort of techincal hitch going on?
  7. In fact now I am just getting a blank screen when trying to access my site!
  8. Hi I have done everything you have and double checked but the icons are still not showing. Am I correct that I needed to save them as .png files in the Nota skin images folder or should they have been saved as .jpg files?
  9. Hi It would be great to be in either a box like the featured products or best sellers, or if that is not possible then located within the horizontal band at the bottom of the page.
  10. OK. I have found the skin template element.social.php in the foundation skin but I am not sure how I find out Nota’s usual layout and styling so that I can edit the file accordingly so that it works with the Nota skin. However, looking through the template files within Nota, there seem to be far fewer than in Foundation and there are only two beginning with element so I don’t know how I find out the usual layout.
  11. OK. I shall try but I might be back for help....! And how do I add an email address to the homepage? Do I add it in to the main.php file somewhere and if so, whereabouts and in what sort of format? Sorry about all these questions but my usual occupation is housewife - with a bit of pottery thrown in!! Thank you again
  12. Sorry for the delayed response. I actually just want my email address to appear on the homepage so that they can copy and paste it and use it that way to contact me. Makes it slightly less formal than filling in a form. My Facebook and Instagram links also do not seem to be appearing on my website anymore - is this something to do with choosing the nota skin instead of foundation and how do I correct it? Thanks
  13. It’s fine - I’ve actually managed to do it by fumbling around and looking through files! One last thing (hopefully!) that I would like to do is; rather than have the contact form I would just like to put my email address on the homepage so they can click on it and send a message without having to fill out a form. Is this possible?
  14. I had sort of guessed it would be in main.php but I have no idea how to adjust it to allow for an additional image at the top. I am using the Nota skin and another thing I am having trouble locating is how to change the colour of the banner that my categories are located within. Any clues? Once again thank you very much for your ongoing help.
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