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[Resolved] CC 6.0.0b5 Not Found [CFN #0005] Error

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Just to follow up on this... Transpires the only actual issue was the host server not allowing the use of relative paths, as such, the 'standard' .htaccess file needed a tiny tweak... Put the original V5 SEO classes file back, all is well.  All links now work.

That's not quite true but the issue was around paths. 


I've seen it quite a bit actually.. Relative paths in the .htaccess file don't always work but will elsewhere. I have no clue why though. It may have something to do with how the domain is aliased or something. 


Fix is to add BaseRewrite or change the path in the index.php file in the .htaccess file. 


You can't turn off SEO in v6. 

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