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Version 5 to Version 6

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CubeCart 6 is an upgraded CubeCart 5 and has a few more features added.

We have found that there needs to be one or two tweaks to the CC5 skins to have them display 100% complete under CC6.

Other than that, whatever worked for CC5 will, in all likelihood, work in CC6.

I do not have a comprehensive catalogue of all available mods that have been written for CC5, so I cannot answer your question regarding the possibility that you may have a mod that is now a core component of CC6.

I haven't made a list of code changes between CC5216 and CC6 as I am wanting to wait until the rate of bug discoveries and fixes have slowed down.

So, it may be easier if you create a list of the mods you have and edits you made (if you were keeping track), and we will reply with whether that feature is now a part of CC6.

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Product Accessories: I do not have a copy of this mod, so I'm not sure of what it all can do, nor if it works correctly with CC6. Thuis functionality is not part of CC6. The WayBack Machine gave me this:

This Plugin enables you to select specific products from your catalog and assign these products as related item and accessories to another product. Once assigned, these "accessory products" will be displayed when a product with accessories is viewed. The customer will be able to add these items to the basket at the same time as the product being viewed by just checking a checkbox next to product accessories name. The product and all checked accessory products are added to the basket at the same time with a single click!

Product Tabs: In the Foundation skin, the Product Description, Specifications, and Bulk Pricing are shown in tabs. It is easy to make similar tabs work in the Kurouto skin, and any other CC5 skin where there is enough space where the tabs can be strung out. As for the mod, it should work. I have this mod and will test it.

Custom Product Display Order: Should work, but there are better solutions.

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