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Moving directory contents

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After moving the directory contents out of ../5.6/ and into the root directory. I cleared out the cache folder. It seems to be working okay but when I go check the system log and since i cleared it out on Monday there have been 10 system errors The below is one of the many of the same errors 



[Exception] G:PleskVhostssweettreasuresmm.comsweettreasuresmm5.6includeslibsmartysyspluginssmarty_internal_write_file.php:44 - unable to write file G:PleskVhostssweettreasuresmm.comsweettreasuresmm5.6cacheskinwrt55d2a4603269b1.71372993 


It looks like it is still trying to write to the old directory. Is this hurting it?

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The filename does not look familiar. It could be an intermediary file that the template engine, Smarty, would create just before wanting to save the actual final compiled template (which the filename looks like, for example, 1e6fa0959c8482c7f51802a79c93d7c0c12c234d_0.file.ccpower.php.php), then deleting the interim file.

The Smarty is getting setup in the controller.index.inc.php file:

$GLOBALS['smarty']->compile_dir  = CC_SKIN_CACHE_DIR;
$GLOBALS['smarty']->config_dir   = CC_SKIN_CACHE_DIR;
$GLOBALS['smarty']->cache_dir    = CC_SKIN_CACHE_DIR;

So, if CC_SKIN_CACHE_DIR is pointing to the wrong place, then you should see all manner of mayhem.

Important Question: Do you have any sort of PHP-level caching enabled? The cache could be remembering things about where this installation was located previously.

However, there is probably some folder permission issues (yes, even on a Windows system!, but controlled differently).

Please read http://www.smarty.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=13821

Let us know what your results are.

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