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  1. That is what I did before. Other then plugins and upgrades? is there any other process that uses the ZIpArchive Class? The php.ini file has ZIP enabled ZIP version 1.12.5 Libzip version 0.11.2
  2. I have a fresh install of Cube Cart 6.1.4. This is the latest version on my Installatron that is being hosted by GoDaddy. When I put in the Token from your site after a click go. I get a blank screen. this is what I get from the error log [05-Apr-2017 11:53:08 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Class 'ZipArchive' not found in /home/swimmmerbhs/public_html/cart/admin/sources/plugins.index.inc.php on line 79 [05-Apr-2017 11:54:38 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Class 'ZipArchive' not found in /home/swimmmerbhs/public_html/cart/admin/sources/plugins.index.inc.php on line 79 Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. After moving the directory contents out of ../5.6/ and into the root directory. I cleared out the cache folder. It seems to be working okay but when I go check the system log and since i cleared it out on Monday there have been 10 system errors The below is one of the many of the same errors [Exception] G:PleskVhostssweettreasuresmm.comsweettreasuresmm5.6includeslibsmartysyspluginssmarty_internal_write_file.php:44 - unable to write file G:PleskVhostssweettreasuresmm.comsweettreasuresmm5.6cacheskinwrt55d2a4603269b1.71372993 It looks like it is still trying to write to the old directory. Is this hurting it?
  4. we are using a windows server it doesnt like php
  5. I have added two products to our basket and when you click on basket it tries to load and then nothing http://www.sweettreasuresmm.com/5.6/index.php?_a=basket
  6. I was testing out a bunch of shopping carts for a friend. I did this by installing each cart in its own directory. The shopping cart we are going to keep is /5.6/. Being that this build allows you to turn off SEO. Once we are test and all has passed I want to eventually move it to the main directory. Will these just be a simple moving of the files?
  7. I was looking at are website and the height is wrong. At the end of the footer where it says ecommerce by cube cart. The scroll is not done it still looks like it has 2 more pages to go. Any help can be appreciated. sweettreasuresmm.com/5.6/
  8. Thank you very much. i adjusted the width of the navContainer too i looks better a lot better.
  9. I have installed a clean version of 5.2.16 because it seems without the ability to mod_rewrite it will not work. We have 7 categories and they are on two lines. We are using the CrossHatch skin. Where would the css be so that I might change the font size so that it fits on one line?
  10. What would the mod_rewrite code look like? I We are running IIS 8
  11. In the file explorer the file has not been uploaded.
  12. I installed CubeCart 5.2.16 on my godaddy hosting account directly from the applications it has on there. I installed it without a hitch and configured the store. I deleted the test product and category and made another category and made another product. When I go to upload the picture it says upload successful but it is not showing a picture. it says image is unavailable and it is under the 350kb limit. When I go to the file manager and images I can upload it but as soon as i try and edit the picture it says it is not there. Any help would be appreciated.
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