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[Resolved] Offline code located?


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The file /controllers/controller.index.inc.php, at the end calls the general function offline().

In the file /includes/functions.inc.php, the general function offline() first checks to see if the store is set to be offline. If it is, then a check is made to see if the admin is logged in (admins get to see the storefront).

If no admin is logged in, $offlineContent is read from the store's configuration, and if any offline.??? files in the root folder of the store are present, only the first offline.??? file is read in and, if a php file, is executed. (Note that $offlineContent is available to the code of the php file.)

If no offline.??? files exist, $offlineContent, and only that content, is sent to the browser.

There is a hook available.

Finally, PHP exits.

The store is fully awake, so the file offline.php could contain what is necessary to call a skin template or a defined string assembled within that file -- such as being offline but still provide some sort of Featured Product or Products on Sale in a stripped down layout of the store.

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