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Slow load times after checkout


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A couple weeks ago, I posted an issue i was having with customers getting MySQL errors upon checkout. After upgrading MySQL, I was still getting the same issue. I was directed to contact my hosting provider about this error. Apparently, MySQL was timing out before the checkout finished processing. They increased the time before MySQL would time out and that fixed the error, but now it is taking about 45 seconds or so after a customer places an order to process that order and go to the "Thank You" page.

This is something that seems to have randomly started happening. Every other page loads quickly. I'm not sure exactly how to tell what is causing the slow processing time in this situation. Has anyone else experienced the same issue or possibly be able to shed some light on this issue? Thanks in advance.

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Does the slowness happen to you when you make test purchase?

From the moment the customer clicks a button (on whatever page) to make payment, to the time CubeCart sends the Thank you page, there is activity outside CubeCart's control -- the payment processor contacting the customer's bank to authorize the transaction.

When this is happening, CubeCart (actually, PHP) may be "spinning its wheels". That depends on the gateway being used (a PHP set of functions called cURL). But not holding open a connection to the database (unless PHP and the database are configured for persistent connections).

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Yes, it happens when I make test purchases and with customer purchases.

I thought about the payment processor. We are using Authorize.net. I contacted them to see if there may be anything on their end that may be causing slow processing times, but they were not aware of anything.

I'm leaning towards the option that it may be something with the database, but I'm not sure if it is the database itself or something with the PHP code accessing the database. I'm not proficient with MySQL (outside of setting up a database and running the tools provided by the host) or PHP, so please excuse my ignorance. I did run the database check and repair tools, but neither returned any errors.

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Unfortunately, the path to discovering the exact cause of the slow-down will take a person knowledgeable in the techniques, and has the tools necessary (and the permission to get "inside"), to really watch server performance.

Not to offend, but perhaps its not a level of service you are prepared to pay for.

One approach I have installed on my server (because it's my server) is an extension for PHP called "XDebug". XDebug has a function called CacheGrind. The CacheGrind output can be analyzed to find long-running-time costs in server performance. MySQL also has the ability to log "slow-query" execution. This is when the database server notes when any query takes longer than X amount of seconds. (Of the technologies involved, I'm reminded of the TV series "Mr.Robot".)

There are other tools. The question is, can you install them on your hosting account?

Does your "Service Level Agreement" give you the right to demand action be taken?

If you were to install a XAMP stack on a personal computer, and copy your store to it, would it have the same anomalies?

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Definitely not offended. I'm more of a designer and front end developer and I've just now gotten to the point where I'm comfortable enough with those skills to start learning some server side languages. I appreciate the straight forward answer.

We have a VPS through HostGator. I haven't had the need to install any tools that were not already provided, so I will definitely check and see if that is permitted. I will also check on the Service Level Agreement. 

I will try XAMP stack to see if the problem persists. I've experimented with it before, so I'm not totally unfamiliar with it.

Thanks for your insights. Now that I know its more of a server issue and not a CubeCart issue, I have a better idea of what to do to solve this issue.


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