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export orders and customers


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Hi and Thanks, I need to export my orders and customers from cubecart. I cannot find the export/import wizard that is mentioned in the Cubecart documentation. A csv file would be fine. If it is not possible to export from admin, where should I look for these databases in cpanel?

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In admin, the default Sales Reports "Export" gives little information. One can write a custom exporter, but there is no "wizard" I know of that will walk you through the creation of such a plugin.

There is a "wizard" of a sort for Importing a new Catalogue.

One can also write a plugin to get customer data in the format desired.

Your CubeCart database has:

Customers: a combination of CubeCart_customer and CubeCart_addressbook

Orders: a combination of CubeCart_order_summary and CubeCart_order_inventory, with more data in CubeCart_order_history, _notes, and _tax

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