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Not sure what is going on but we seem to have an issue with incomplete orders.

If someone places a product in their basket, goes to check out as normal but then changes their mind and does not complete the purchase, the product that they chose and then declined is not replaced and thus the actual remaining stock level is incorrect as it is assumed that the sale has been completed. 

Please can anyone explain what is going on and how we can correct the problem.


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It may be the case that in Store Settings:
Stock tab, Reduce Stock Levels = Pending
Features tab, Time before expiring pending orders = blank or a high value

During this time, stock levels reflect that stock sitting in a Pending order. CubeCart cannot determine if any particular customer would try to transact the order at a later time.

You may wish to change either of the above settings.

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Thanks for that. 

I have checked and under the stock tab we have reduce stock levels=When has been made & under the features tab we have the time for pending orders blank.

I got  it back to front though and it is actually when an order has been placed but we decline the order that the stock levels do not get corrected. 

Sorry for the confusion. 

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Currently, CubeCart restores stock levels when the order goes to Cancelled (and not Declined or Failed - presumably because the customer can try again).

However, moving an order to Cancelled will cause CubeCart to send an email to the customer advising that this order was cancelled. That may not be such a bad thing, if the wording in the email is just right.

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