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Here's my CC6 Store

Claudia M

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Well ...  I'm done unless your comments or my brain cells think of something else.


I couldn't have done this without the following people.  So thank you so very much to:


Brian Smithers - forum help


Daren Clarke  SemperFiWebServices:   

Add to Social Media

Custom Product Sort

Related Products

Ask about a Product

Verical Navigation Menu


Alec Broughton  Noodleman:

Products Addon


Cart Designs:



If I forgot anybody I'm sorry.

This post sounds like I just won an Academy Award.  LOL



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Looks nice! A couple of grammar/typo spots that need fixing:

" referring to the item's listing on eBay of Esty " should be OR?

"Add some handcrafted creations and some brand new products and we got something in store for you! " should be we've got?

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