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Export catalogue to csv please


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Hi there I'm trying to export the catalogue to csv. Other threads have said to select format - but I'm not seeing any option - only an 'Export URL' button - and it puts the data into a new browser wind. Is there a tick box I'm supposed to have checked somewhere or something.

thanks :-)

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The admin Export Catalog page shows a table:

Export Format | Download Parts | Export URL
CubeCart      |       1        |  <Link>

Plugins can add to this list.

The Download Parts number is a link for the admin use. CubeCart will offer for download the CSV.

The Export URL icon of the chain-link is for outside third parties to fetch the CSV using tools other than a web browser. It is the responsibility of that party to interpret the response. The response from the Export URL link is simple streaming text not predicated on it being anything specific.


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Thank you - I got it now.....


I got the CSV to download - but it only includes items that have an active status and not the ones I've chosen not to publish to the website, and doesn't include the cost price of the item. Is there a way to get that information from somewhere? I'm just trying to do a stocktake and want to start with what I should have in stock.



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I've created a plugin called "Inventory Time". It will list everything you have in the database and the quantity the database says you should have -- and has a separate line for each product option combination -- such as: Shirt:Size-8:Color-Blue.

Post a PM with your email address and I'll send it to you.


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