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Bad Category URL's getting cached


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I have an ongoing problem with my site where intermittently url's like https://help.blog.blog.blog.domain.com are getting stored in my store file.  I contacted tech support and they said the cause was my site getting spidered under weird domain names. They made a modification to the htaccess file, which seems to fix the issue except when the URL gets cached as https://. My site does not have an SSL so anything https request breaks before it gets to htaccess.  To get rid of the problem temporarily, I simply empty the cache and the URL's on the category menu are fixed.  But they inevitably go back to being written to something that breaks the link within 24 hours or so.  

This doesn't effect any of the other site links, only the category menu.  

The code being used to output the category menu is:

<li class="main_product_category">
  <a href="{$BRANCH.url}" title="{$BRANCH.name}">{$BRANCH.name}</a>
  {if isset($BRANCH.children)}
  <ul id="child_menu">{$BRANCH.children}</ul>

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