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Main image does not show on small display

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I am using a VERY modified custom Foundation skin.  When I upgraded to 6.1.7 I noticed that the product page was really different, with additional templates, etc.  BSmither had given me some code to make my gallery photos go horizonally across the page which I want to keep.  Therefore, I just copied the skin/content.products.php from the 6.1.5 and pasted it into my 6.1.7 upgrade. All other files in the skin are from the 6.17 upgrade.  Everything worked fine.  Today I decided to go ahead and modify the additional files:  element.product.horizontal_gallery and element.product.call_to_action before I upgraded to 6.1.8.  Everything is working as it should except on small displays the main image does not show until your refresh the page.  I don't think customers would know to refresh the screen.  Any thoughts and help is greatly appreciated.

Here's a link if someone wants to look at the page source - https://www.claudiasbargains.com/itt-brown-vintage-rotary-dial-desk-telephone.html


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