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Changing Payto name on EBS payment page

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Welcome The Home Depo! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

According to the EBS Integration Guide, the choice of the Merchant Name or Merchant Domain Name is made on the Merchant Payment Page Preferences (at EBS - not configurable at the CubeCart integration).

The docs say the Merchant can have up to five payment pages, each with distinct design and content, and the page to use (page_id) can be specified in the data sent to EBS for making payment.

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Thanks bsmither!

We did choose the option to show Domain name in EBS payment page setup...and asked the EBS team why it still shows Merchant name on payment page.The response from them was the extension we have is old and the latest EBS version is 3.0.1 

But we have only EBS 2.0.3 at cubecart extension marketplace.

Is there a workaround till the new extension is released?


Second issue we just noticed:-

The admin and customer do not get the 'Order notifications' once the payment is completed from EBS

This works well for paypal payment.Once payment through paypal is completed it does give Order notifications to both customer and Admin

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The 2.0.3 part of EBS 2.0.3 is CubeCart's versioning and does not necessarily reflect the EBS API version.

That said, comparing the EBS documentation against what CubeCart's module sends has a few differences.

Do you have the ability to examine web access logs from your hosting accounts control panel (Cpanel, perhaps)?


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