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Remove 'Add to basket' button


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Hi there,
I am currently setting up Cubecart for my store.
The site sells motorcycles and parts.
I want to be able to show the motorcycles I have for sale, but not allow someone to purchase via an 'add to basket' button (which shows if I set a stock level).
Neither do I want to have an 'unavailable' button that is displayed if I set stock to zero.
Ideally I'd like no button or one that says 'please contact us' and/or I can put a 'contact us' link in the product description.
Anyone have a solution to this?

Thanks in advance.

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CubeCart has a "Catalog Mode". This shuts down the ability to actually purchase anything. (Admin, Store Settings, Features tab, "Disable Checkout")

However, prices will still show, as will the flag "Not Available" if the item is out of stock and you disallow purchasing, but do not hide out of stock items. if you specifically set the product's Availability checkbox to off.

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Ok, as per an edit I just made above, do not use the Catalog Mode. Instead, for each product you do not want to actually be able to sell, there is a checkbox (default is checked) to enable its 'availability'. Uncheck this for each product.

Next, you are wanting to change the "Unavailable" phrase that shows in this case. In admin, Languages, click the Edit button of the language you are using. From the drop-down, select "Common". On the list that soon appears, scroll to "unavailable" and change the phrase to "Call!".

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