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Keeping all product pages uniform


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Any new product pages I add will invariably differ slightly from page to page. Is there a way of setting up default text font and size throughout,  so the product template remains the same throughout each product? I find the description page to be a bit of a pain to manage as it always messes up, so I always have to clean up and edit in HTML.

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I don't have any - I always go back in a fix the layouts afterwards.

I have a standard layout file in TextEdit, and I usually just update this and copy and paste it. Sometimes it just gets messed up though, so I need to go in and add HTML. I find that the page editor adds heaps of needless formatting.

Example product layout attached.


NUC0021 - Worst Fears.txt

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Nothing unusual in here. I assume you are pasting this in the Product Description editor when the editor is in Source mode.

I would change your layout to not use <i> and instead use <em> (as <i> is used for other purposes in CubeCart's templates).

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