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Product option and stock different


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hello, I saw that it was possible to add an option on a product, for example product A with an option for product A with a choice of color. product A color A or B


But how is the amount of product regulated? for example the product A I have 20


But for the color A I have 5 and in color B I have 15.
can we adjust the quantities of different stock for each color?

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After having assigned the options to the product, in the list of those assigned options, check the Options Matrix boxes for those options that contribute to the matrix - for example, Colors and Sizes.

Click Save and Reload.

You will now see the Options Matrix table where you can enter unique product codes and stock levels for each combination.

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Thank you this is perfect


but i have another question if i put the stock in option matrix example product A color B and C with a stock of 10 and 10

in stock level generalities do I have to put 20? or nothing?

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There is an admin setting that will (if I recall) use the master stock level instead of the range of the individual matrix stock levels.

But generally, using the Matrix table will show something like Stock Level: 10-15, instead of using the master stock level whatever it may be.

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