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Unable to remove images from products

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Nothing of any consequence changed in the admin skin between CC620RC2 and CC620.

In the image posted above, if this installation is CC620, then in the upper right corner, to the left of and next to (Life Preserver) Help, there should be a button labeled "CLEAR CACHE".

That it is not there suggests your administration is not running CC620.

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Please examine the contents of this file that is being used by your site:

in admin, /skins/default/js/plugins/jquery.filetree.min.js

Starting at line 93, there should be:

var script_data = {
    _g: "xml",
    type: "files",
    q: "list",
    dir: g,
    group: d.group

Then, look at the contents of the file being used on your site:

In admin, /skins/default/templates/common.breadcrumb.php

Line 7 should be:

<li id="clear_cache_master"{if $CLEAR_CACHE} class="clear"{/if}><a href="{$SKIN_VARS.clear_cache_link}">{$LANG.maintain.cache_clear}</a></li>

If these files do not have the content shown above, then the admin folder did not get upgraded - although perhaps the database was.

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This code is from several versions back.

In admin, Dashboard, Store Overview tab, what is the CubeCart version? (This is from /ini.inc.php file.)

In admin, Maintenance, Upgrade tab, Upgrade History table, what is the version at the top of the list? (This is from the database CubeCart_history table.)

I may ask that you note the actual name of the administration folder. Then delete that folder. Then FTP the entire /admin/ folder to your site from CC620. Then, rename the /admin/ folder to the name of the folder that was just deleted.

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Store Overview

Inventory Data
Technical Details
CubeCart Version
PHP Version (5.6 Recommended)
MySQL Version
Image folder size
29.22 MB
Download folder size
0.00 KB
Max. Upload filesize
Browser user-agent
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/66.0.3359.139 Safari/537.36
Server Software

Upgrade History

CubeCart Version Date
6.2.0-rc2 Thursday, 19 April 2018
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