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ReCaptcha Turning Off


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For the last 3 months I have been using invisible reCAPTCHA without any issues at all and over the weekend it has turned it self off. I am referring to the setting in Store Settings>Features then under Bot Protection the field ' Enable Google reCAPTCHA' automatically changes to 'Off (Not Recommended)'. I then change it back to 'Invisible reCAPTCHA * (Recommended)'

Roughly 20 minutes later I refresh the page and the setting is changed to Off again.

I have put a new site and secrete key in but it is still happening.

I am using retail therapy skin on version 6.2.0-b1

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CC62 has changed how settings get saved. After saving any changes in admin, you will notice a lit indicator at the upper-right. The session may remember this setting, and the setting may actually get databased, but the cached copy of the query that loaded those settings from the database is still being seen and used.

So, if that indicator is lit, please click on it to clear the cache. The setting might then "stick".

If it doesn't we will need to make a closer examination.

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I tried what you mentioned above and also cleared the cache in maintenance with the invisible recaptcha but it still reverted to 'off'. I have since changed to V2 of recaptcha with new keys and done as you mentioned above plus also clearing the cache and it has stuck for 24 hours so far.

Seems odd that CC62 might remember old settings - could become rather annoying.

Thanks for the help bsmither I will update again if anything changes.

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