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  1. toast691

    Adding Manufacturers to Invoice

    Hi Ian.. I had a look at it and it does make the manufacturers option a lot more versatile but it doesn't allow me to display the manufacturers on the printed invoice against each individual product. I tried this but no luck as I am trying to get it onto the printable invoice.
  2. Hi, Just wanting some advice on what and where the mods are needed to add manufacturer details next to each individual product. Happy to do a hack and fix it at each time I update. Thanks in advance. Stami Also just a couple of notes - I am using retail therapy skin and not all products will have manufacturer details. Stami
  3. toast691

    Exporting Custom Sales Reports

    Thanks for that bsmither. I knew it wouldn't be hard just didn't know where to look. I presume this will resort to original coding when updating but thats fine. Adding a code snippet hook is probably beyond me. Cheers Stami
  4. I am just wondering if it is possible to add items to the sales report so it can exported into a CVS. I am referring to the table in the admin control panel and go to Reports>Sales Reports. Currently the following are items are exported as standard: There are two specific database items I would like to include in in the table which is order weight and ship_product. Any ideas how this could be done?
  5. toast691

    ReCaptcha Turning Off

    I tried what you mentioned above and also cleared the cache in maintenance with the invisible recaptcha but it still reverted to 'off'. I have since changed to V2 of recaptcha with new keys and done as you mentioned above plus also clearing the cache and it has stuck for 24 hours so far. Seems odd that CC62 might remember old settings - could become rather annoying. Thanks for the help bsmither I will update again if anything changes.
  6. toast691

    ReCaptcha Turning Off

    For the last 3 months I have been using invisible reCAPTCHA without any issues at all and over the weekend it has turned it self off. I am referring to the setting in Store Settings>Features then under Bot Protection the field ' Enable Google reCAPTCHA' automatically changes to 'Off (Not Recommended)'. I then change it back to 'Invisible reCAPTCHA * (Recommended)' Roughly 20 minutes later I refresh the page and the setting is changed to Off again. I have put a new site and secrete key in but it is still happening. I am using retail therapy skin on version 6.2.0-b1
  7. toast691

    No Email's Being Sent to Customers

    I have tried changing to SMTP details and immediately there is a log of the following error: Request Sent - mailto:[email protected] Subject: Testing CubeCart Error: Mailer Failed Response received SERVER -&gt; CLIENT: 421 Too many concurrent SMTP connections; please try again later.<br> CLIENT -&gt; SERVER: EHLO www.greenpatchseeds.com.au<br> SERVER -&gt; CLIENT: <br> SMTP ERROR: EHLO command failed: <br> SMTP NOTICE: EOF caught while checking if connected<br> SMTP Error: Could not authenticate.<br> SMTP connect() failed. https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer/wiki/Troubleshooting Maybe cubecart doesn't log when using the email set up as PHP?
  8. toast691

    No Email's Being Sent to Customers

    Yes CubeCart_email_log exists in the database and there were logs for customers up until 20th June 2017 mostly order updates and some password recovery. In classes/mailer.class.php is the below code $log_days = $GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'r_email'); if(ctype_digit((string)$log_days) && $log_days > 0) { $GLOBALS['db']->insert('CubeCart_email_log', $email_data); $GLOBALS['db']->delete('CubeCart_email_log', 'date < DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL '.$log_days.' DAY)'); } elseif(empty($log_days) || !$log_days) { $GLOBALS['db']->insert('CubeCart_email_log', $email_data);
  9. toast691

    No Email's Being Sent to Customers

    Done exactly as you said.. Test newsletter sent to a personal hotmail address. The email was sent and showed up in my inbox. Not showing up in the log though.
  10. toast691

    No Email's Being Sent to Customers

    It has 30 entered in all of the log retention fields...
  11. toast691

    No Email's Being Sent to Customers

    There have been no emails logged since 11th of July which is when I was playing around with email settings and used the test email option. New orders come in every day and we have been getting emails to our admin email as I said but there is nothing in the log about them either. I updated to 6.1.8 today with no change. Stami
  12. Good Morning. (Morning in Australia anyway) Since upgrading to 6.1.7 customers have not received email updates in regard to their orders. We have still been getting order notifications to our admin email and the settings are correct in Settings>store settings>Advanced It is currently set up as PHP.. Previously it SMTP with SSL but it was the same with only admin getting emails. Any ideas where to start looking? Cheers Stami
  13. Ok so I had a closer look at the license key in the configuration plugin and it wasn't right so I put the correct key in and that has fixed it. Unsure why without this plugin the logo doesn't show up.. For now though it seems ok.
  14. I am using the same logo which was used on v 1.4 retail therapy. Under the logo tab the correct logos are assigned to where they should appear. I just checked the skin configuration plugin and the "Hide Store Logo" box has not been ticked so it shouldn't be causing it.
  15. I noticed my website logo is not showing up now that I upgraded to the latest version. I done a manual upgrade and was coming from version 6.1.5. I have looked in my error log file and this is the re-occurring error: [16-May-2017 08:33:22 Australia/Sydney] PHP Notice: No image mode set in /home/augreenpatchseed/public_html/classes/catalogue.class.php on line 1403 Any idea on how to resolve this? Thanks I should also point out that I upgraded my skin the same afternoon to retail therapy 1.5. If I change my skin to foundation then the logo appears again.. so perhaps it is a skin issue?