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Changes on Control Panel will not reflect on website


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Well, that exercise bore no fruit.

Let's try this:
* Download CubeCart 6.2.1 from CubeCart's download page.
* Unzip the downloaded file.
* Using FTP, upload just the /admin/ folder.
* Rename the currently active /admin_aBcDeF/ folder to something else.
* Rename /admin/ to what was just renamed from.

See what happens.

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OK, finally done as instructed but in a slightly different way. (It took me a while to figure it out, sorry)

The "admin" folder would not upload onto the cPanel so I had to upload the whole zipped 6.2.1 and unzip it in the file manager. Then I renamed only the "admin" folder and moved it into the main admin folder and then re-did the exercise we did last night with changing the global.inc.php section to the new name for the uploaded admin file.

And now........

It all works perfectly again!

Manage hooks = has now moved itself to under the "Advanced", then "maintenance" then "Manage Hooks".

The "Store Settings" > "Extra" now has: "General Data Protection Regulation", "marketing double opt in", "cookie compliance dialogue". (WHAT IS THIS? must I check those 2 blocks there?)

AND......the pièce de résistance :  There is a "CLEAR CACHE" button that works and I can place information and products on my website!!!!

What a relief.

Thank you!  Thank You!! Thank You!!!

I would NEVER have been able to fix it without your help.

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Just to be sure of what you are saying.

I must delete ALL the other admin files with the letters behind them (eg admin_whTkdd) I must ONLY KEEP the one I made NOW?. And nothing will go wrong when I do this?

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No, It's not that 🙂. It's because I'm petrified that I will do it wrong and I really, really don't have ANY technical know how, so I just like to be triple sure before I do anything. If you want to know how poor my tech knowledge is = it took me 13 hours to follow his simple, clear and concise instructions. 🙄

Thank you for your advice and I will do it now (which for me means about an hours worth of work 😉

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