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Can anyone tell what the point of the button is on checkout after you have made payment?

From the basket, you click pay with paypal, it takes you to paypal, you login and complete the transaction and it returns you back to your shopping basket but also asks you to click on the 'Make Payment' button with a message at the top saying "Please click "Make Payment" to complete your order."

If you don't everything goes through order wise as if you had clicked it I think? and at this point you have already paid but the button state 'Make Payment' confusing!


**** ok, I figured out the difference, no payment is stated unless they finalise it by pressing the 'Make Payment' button.

And status shows 'Pending'

Happy days.

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When the customer is sent to PayPal it authorizes the payment and returns billing and shipping info. From there the shipping and tax could change so we need to verify before they finalise and "Make Payment".

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