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Foundation - change color of buttons & text

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New install of CC today to experiment with something a client has asked for.

1 - The background of the 'Add to Basket' defaults to blue - html color #2285A2, I want to change this to #035130. I tried a quick and dirty search/replace of foundation.css and found 8 occurrences,. uploaded the changed file. The change was not reflected so I am guessing that the color is set elsewhere. Could someone kindly point me at the correct file(s).

2 - Same thing really, the Product Tiles and various other text is using the same blue as above and I would like to set it to the same green as above. Again, a pointer to the files that I need to change would be appreciated.




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The color #2285A2 (foundation.css near line 1150) is for the border-color.

Anyway, the preferred solution is to edit the file cubecart.default.css by adding the rules you want changed from what Foundation has.

form.add_to_basket button { background-color: green; border-color: black; }

The blu-ish color of the text is actually the assigned color to links (foundation.css near line 3470).

Again, in cubecart.default.css:

a { color: green; }

The latest versions of CubeCart will collect all the CSS files and squeeze them into one single cached CSS file.

Therefore, in order to make these changes visible, you will need to:
1. Have CubeCart clear its internal cache (admin, Clear Cache button at upper-right), and
2. Force your browser to reload the page resources (usually CTRL-F5).

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