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unable to checkout via paypal

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Please try using a desktop browser capable of showing Network traffic in its Developers Tools capabilities.

When too many redirects occur, we may be able to discern if the redirects are coming from the web server (.htaccess directives), CubeCart (configuration issue), or PayPal.

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To determine this, we would need to see the URL.

CubeCart's static configuration (those values that must not change) is in /includes/global.inc.php. At one time (CC3 and 4), it was important to let CubeCart know where it was (web address, system path) and this file held those values. With CC5 and 6, CubeCart is able to work with any web address as reported by the web server. (Which is to say, any number of domains can point to your site and CubeCart will work with them all.)

The rest of the configuration is chosen by the admin and entered in the various screens of Store Settings.

One such setting is whether or not SSL is enabled. (Ignore Store URL on the SSL tab.) If enabled, but your certificate doesn't match, weird things can happen.

But, really, knowing what web address the browser is sending a page request to will help.

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I don't understand how to find that out with my level of knowledge about websites.

From the basket I clicked on paypal, the popup window opened, I logged in to paypal then click pay that's when after a short time the message came up too many redirects occurred & post the screen shot

Checked the SSL cert for this site & its ok until 31st August 2019

the only thing thats change recently was the paypal module update but my other cubecart size is working fine with the same update??

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