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Is there a way for customers to receive order emails in different languages?

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So I recently downloaded and installed the French Language pack. I selected French on the front end, registered and placed an order, and I noticed that both registration confirmation email and order confirmation email were both in English. My question is, Is there a way for customers to receive emails based on the language they use at the front end?

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We would ask how you installed the language pack. Manually, or an Install Token, or some other method?

The language packs include phrases for emails, but these phrases must be loaded into the database.

(The Install Token process may do this, but I haven't verified that.)

Please verify that the French flag is showing in admin, Email Templates, Email Contents tab for the Email Types in question.

If not, you may also need to go to admin, Email Templates, Import tab, and select French to import. (But I see that the code to get the email contents ready for emailing will, if necessary, scan for new language files and import them for use.)

Also, I am not aware of a Registration Confirmation Email Type. If this is a plugin, then there may not be a French set of phrases.

Also, please look in admin, Error Log, to see if any errors were logged related to "Email content does not exist in this language."

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