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Cannot get class.gui.body_js.php hook to output js in footer?


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I am hooking into class.gui.body_js.php in a test plugin, my hook file has:

$body_js[] = "<script>alert('test')</script>";

That script will not appear in the footer scripts.

I have tried outputting the data where CubeCart is using the class.gui.body_js.php hook to see if my data is getting through:


I have var dumped $body_js around that code and it contains my data. I think I am doing everything required, am I missing something?

I am running a freshly downloaded CCv6 today with the default foundation theme, no other edits.



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Welcome turmeric! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

The CubeCart GUI variable $body_js is assigned to Smarty's BODY_JS variable. The $BODY_JS variable is then looped through (see skin template element.js_foot.php), putting each array element into a Smarty template variable $js_foot. The Smarty template variable $js_foot is then fed through a combine function that fetches all the script files into one single file.

Note that the Smarty template variable $js_foot requires path/filenames to the individual javascripts. If the array element is not a path/filename, or if the actual file cannot be found, the array element is ignored.

The GUI $body_js variable is limited to javascript path/filename.js files.

Please consider adding actual <script> code using the class.gui.body_js_top hook (see the skin template main.php, just after the <body> tag).

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