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I have a need to switch domain name on my cubecart.  I want to switch from www.example.net to www.example.com.  right now, example.net is the primary url in my hosting account.  the example.com is add-on url.  

I know I need to tell my hosting to switch www.example.com as the primary.  I also need to purchase SSL for www.example.com.

My question is, are there anything that I need to change for this to work?  

Thank you.

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Welcome darrenwc! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

CubeCart is very good at working with whatever domain/path is used to start its index.php script.

There is one thing you must do: have CubeCart clear its cache. There is a frontside navigation menu that is built and cached which includes the domain name. So, that needs to be flushed.

Otherwise, you are good to go.

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there may be some other considerations. 

  • Why pay for SSL? you can (in most cases) use Lets Encrypt at no cost, however some hosting providers don't allow you to use this.
  • If you are using any tracking codes / conversion codes they may need to be updated to reflect the domain change (google analytics etc)
  • If you use any live chat software, chances are the domain needs to be updated in config
  • Some commercial modules are domain locked by license, you may need to have these migrated
  • in store settings, under SSL tab change the domain to reflect the new domain
  • As Brian said, clear cache after the move, but also check your store permissions are correct after the migration as they typically get reset
  • review your mail configuration, it may need to be changed (although, in your case probably not)
  • Review MySQL configuration (although, in  your case I doubt it will change)
  • re-setup any cron jobs (If you have any)
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