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How to change colors of order status? - Payment Received, Order Shipped


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Well the bots have been afraid to come near my cubecart store ever since I installed the google Captcha..  no more spam emails from my shop since then..

I had a sale over July 4th, so have some orders to process and have a question how I can change color codes on the order status. I had previously modified the Cart:Order Complete email template so after I received a check or money order payment, I could go to the order and change the status to Order Complete, and would send the customer an email from Order Complete template but I modified it to say Thanks for your payment! will hold the check 2 weeks for clearance and then ship the order out!

That works great and when the customer checks his order online, it says Payment Received in green. I also modified the language english file in order state so it would read correctly.

I received some orders and the two weeks is about up, and I'm getting ready to ship them out. When they ship out I'd like to notify the customer. I decided to try modifying another email template, Failed Fraud Review, and edit it so it reads Your order has shipped! and it actually works well, changing the status from Order Complete/now Payment Received to FFR/now Order Shipped sends the customer another email that his order has shipped. I can't figure out how to insert the tracking number in that email but that's not a problem because if he goes to his order online it will be there, next to the date of shipment.

The only problem is the colors, the Order Complete status is now in red. I would prefer to have it in green. And the payment received is in green which is okay, but I think orange would be a better color until the 2 weeks is over, then will become a green Order Shipped.

Does anyone know how I can change these colors?


payment received in green.jpg

order shipped in red.jpg

orders list.jpg

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In the admin skin file /styles/layout.css, near the bottom, find:

.order_status_1 {
.order_status_2 {
.order_status_3 {
.order_status_4,.order_status_5,.order_status_6 {

status_1 is Pending, 2 is Processing, 3 is Complete, 4 is Declined, 5 is Failed/Fraud, and 6 is Cancelled.

For the storefront, find the Foundation skin file /css/cubecart.common.css.

Be aware that an order status affects how CubeCart treats an order. For a couple of examples, only status 2 and 3 contribute toward sales reporting, and enables digital product downloads.

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