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Adding new columns to Dashboard: Orders page, and exporting data

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1: Adding columns
Is there any way to add a couple of extra columns into the Orders summary page? When I'm doing the monthly reckoning for our accounts, this is the most useful page to get the information from, since the existing columns: Order Number - Customer - Status - Date - Total are all items I need.

What would be really great would be additional columns showing which payment gateway was used (in our case, either SagePay or PayPal), and how much VAT, if any, was included.

Currently, I have to open each order individually, and check the gateway and VAT amount, which soon gets boring.

The Transaction Logs page does at least show me which gateway was used - but doesn't give the customer name or order status.

2: Exporting

If I could export the information from the Orders page as a CSV, it would be superb, because with the two additional columns it would be exactly what I require, no more, no less.

3: Alternatively...

If the Sales Report function could include an indication of the gateway used for each sale, that too would fulfil everything I need - and it's already exportable.

[EDIT: I now see that the data in the exported version of the Sales Report do include VAT, Gateway and many other things besides; what's seen online is a summary only.]

Any chance?




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