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Hi, dear Forum,

 I cannot Log in as Adminsitrator.


$glob['dbdatabase'] = 'PS_2017';
$glob['dbhost'] = 'localhost';
$glob['dbpassword'] = 'xxxxx';
$glob['dbprefix'] = '';
$glob['dbusername'] = 'xxxxxxx';
$glob['installed'] = '1';
$glob['adminFolder'] = 'admin';
$glob['adminFile'] = 'admin.php';
$glob['install_source'] = 'installatron';
$glob['encoder'] = 'ioncube';
$glob['demo_mode'] = '0';

the Folder Admin does not exist but the web is working but the Web sitll working fine www.proservice.com.ar

would you please help me to fix it ?

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Dear bsmither, I apreciated your response. I cannot find any folder called ADMIN or starting with something like this. again, the web is working,  I have access to the Database thru Godaddy also, I see folders using filezilla buth te point is, I cannot Login to the config. Please help me.

Thanks again.

best regards


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