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Shipping popping up for nothing.


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I have started using CC641 (very) recently.

I have managed to set a lot of it up, but sometimes some very weird things happen.


I ONLY sell digital goes live.


downloads (PDF sheet music and MP3 files) and I never intend to start selling physical goods.

However, I did a test buy tonight, and a red alert popped up saying there was no suitable shipping method for my sale, because it was either too heavy or it could not be shipped to my country.

Is there any way I can turn all factors that could influence shipping (weight, size, shipping address etc.) off completely?

Every time I add aproduct I set the weight to 0, but imagine the embarrassment when something like that happens when my shop goes live.


Any suggestions anyone?

Thanks in advance.

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Please look at Store Settings, Features tab, at the bottom is a Miscellaneous section.

Try having "Allow physical orders even if no shipping options are available" and "Disable initial shipping and tax estimates" are checked.

We ask that you confirm that each product you sell -- digital only? -- has a digital downloadable file assigned to it. If CubeCart considers all products in the shopping basket as digital, no shipping is considered.


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