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Removing 'required' wording on checkout page for phone number


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Hi this is my first post so be nice. 🙂  I am currently evaluating Cubecart to run my own sites with.

I have managed to alter the phone field from being a required field by changing the cubecart.validate js script, so all good.  The one thing I am struggling with though is removing the actual '(required)' dialogue from the Phone input box, so the customer knows that not a required field now. 

Any help/advice/suggestions would be great. I am using the latest version 6 with the standard foundation template.



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Welcome LIBERTY! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

In the skin template content.checkout.confirm.php, look for <input> tags that have placeholder="text" attributes, where "text" includes {$LANG.form.required}.

Delete that part of the text.


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Thanks for your help with this 'bsmither', it is very much appreciated.  Your fix has worked perfectly and I am all sorted as regards the phone input field now.

Am finding CubeCart is ticking most of the boxes for me, so am happy to join the forum. 

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