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Need a functionality to purchase or not an item


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I need a little special functionality for my store.
I currently only sell products on my store that I can ship. But I also have products that I cannot ship because of their fragility, heavy weight, or bulk. For the moment to present his articles which are only sold on site, I have to put the article on unavailability because the online customer tends to click on buy on the short definitions page

And therefore cannot necessarily see the complete description which indicates that the product is available but only on site in the store. And so he may also have thought that the product is not available for purchase.
For me I would need a following function:

I can hide the buy button when I add a product in cubecart. Depending on the item sold.

Do you have any idea how to do this ?. I thank you in advance

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If there is an option that is required (the option doesn't have to be anything of consequence), there will be a Buy button everywhere but CubeCart will force the customer on to the View Product page so as to make the selection of the required option.

The option could be an "acknowledgement" of the shipping restrictions: In-Store Pickup Only=>"I agree."


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