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We had "unchecked" Not available for Purchase for a couple of our products last week. Today we were surprised to find one of the orders was placed for a product not available for purchase. This customer probably had the shopping cart and the product loaded for the last 10 days before we made it un-available. 

How do we prevent this type of sale when the customer is able to obviously bypass and order. A rare scenario but still the system should have caught it. Does this sound familiar to anyone else?


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I can confirm this does happen.

A product is on the shelf. A customer places it in their shopping basket. (Depending on a store setting,) Stock level is reduced (probably irrelevant in this scenario).

We would like to know the reason why this item was marked as unavailable for purchase. Was that reason important enough to deny the purchase even when the customer had already placed the item in their basket? (Thus, not so much a stock-level concern.)


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We had to mark the product unavailable due to delays in getting in-bound raw materials or parts. This customer seems to have added this product to the cart 10 days or earlier. Often time, customers go and add products to the cart and check shipping costs etc. Now after we marked it unavailable, he placed the order today by just checking out from his 10+ days old cart. 

Anything we can do to clear cache or something like that to purge pending items in carts with items from previous days? that will be purchased?

Also, while typing this, I kinda want to now check on price increases. Say, if we had to increase pricing on some products today and someone has been poking around last week and adding stuff to his cart, do it mean that he will be able to order from the previous pricing?


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So, I understand you sell items before you actually have an item ready to ship? Nothing wrong with that -- just clarifying the situation.

In admin, Store Settings, Features tab, "Time in seconds before expiring pending orders" might solve this situation. I recall that CubeCart does not consider an order Pending if the customer has not visited any or the actual checkout pages. That is, '"Add to Basket" could not constitute an "order" that could be expired.

But, as best I can tell, CubeCart has no means of thwarting the purchase of an item once that item is in the cart, other than setting the status of that item to unchecked. When that happens, CubeCart issues a "Sorry, but [item] is no longer available and has been removed from your basket." This happens when the stock gets depleted before the customer can checkout. (So, I would agree that the same result should happen when an item's "Available for purchase" status has been unchecked. But how often does that happen?)

Changing the price of an item 'mid-stream' will have the changed price honored prior to actual payment. But, there is no notice to say the sub-total has changed prior to that step where the customer makes payment. (So, I would agree that CubeCart should bounce the customer back to the checkout process when the sub-total (mysteriously) changes -- much the same way when shipping choices/costs change.)


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Even when its not added before in the card and you uncheck available for purchase you still can purchase it. ( with the skin i use)

Just checked it. 

In database data for available is set to 0. That seems to be right. 

Will have a look at the coding later. 

Maybe it will be an easy fix. 


Edit : with the foundation skin there arent any problems. 

Will be skin related 

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