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Incorrect shipping options displayed


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we have setup our shipping options for the different zones of the world.  There are six altogether (which align to the Australia Post Website for the different postal zones).  Everything looks fine, however, today we had a user from New  Zealand go to purchase an item and when it is added to the cart and they go to check out, the shipping prices for australia are displayed.  Do they have to actually create an account and logon for this to change?  I would have thought simply choosing 'new zealand' from the drop down country menu would be enough to trigger the correct zone?  Attached is what we have.

Can anyone suggest please what we've done wrong?


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As I see it, the AIOS module will give shipping options (whatever they may be) only if CubeCart knows of a shipping destination address.

The question is then, where did CubeCart come to know what the destination address is?

There is a setting (maybe this has changed very recently) that enables or disables the Estimated shipping charges and taxes. If CubeCart does not know the customer's destination address, and making an estimate is enabled, Cubecart uses the store's address. Some recent skins provide a means for the customer to state their destination address in a small box provided for them to do that. Otherwise, filling out the billing and delivery address blocks during checkout should suffice.

So, we can try to replicate the scenario. In admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, enable the Debug mode and enter your local IP address in the next field (www.showmyip.com). Then, on the storefront, add the same products to the shopping basket and begin the checkout as a guest.

At the bottom the page, in a grey area, watch for the section labeled SESSION:, __basket, where the delivery address is shown.

We may also need to know the version of the AIOS module, and the version of CubeCart.


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thanks for the reply.

Yep, it is trying locally. I did exactly what you said and get this even when I put in New Zealand as an address.

Version is:

http://www.vintagedesigns.com.au/admin/skins/default/images/1.png All In One Shipping
Advanced shipping module that can calculate shipping based on the weight, subtotal and number of items in the order.


'__client' =>
'ip_address' =>
'useragent' => Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.16; rv:86.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/86.0
'session_start' => 1615183126
'session_last' => 1615183128
'language' => en-GB
'__recaptcha' =>
'error' => The verification code was incorrect. Please try again.
'confirmed' =>
'__system' =>
'token' => 660ff4ce47d9ff2dbe216dfb15678efa
'__basket' =>
'contents' =>
'c8a0fd9d7ff88de4f9924c873a949e3d' =>
'id' => 116
'quantity' => 1
'digital' => 0
'cost_price' => 0
'option_line_price' => 0
'total_price_each' => 20
'description' => Spiral Bound Publication 2nd edition

Chicago State University

Author Stella V. Remiasz

Copyright 1986

Fourth printing 2003

Published in the USA by  Hat Tree Studio

Text book for millinery students covering in depth both millinery d
'name' => Hats: Design and Construction 2 Revised Edition Stella V. Remiasz
'product_code' => HAAY9JN53
'product_weight' => 0.45
'product_width' => 0.0000
'product_height' => 0.0000
'product_depth' => 0.0000
'tax_each' =>
'tax_id' => 4
'amount' => 2.00
'tax_inclusive' =>
'tax_name' => GST (Standard Rate 10%)
'tax_percent' => 10.0000
'option_absolute_price' =>
'weight' => 0.4500
'discount' => 0.00
'subtotal' => 20.00
'total_tax' => 2.00
'total' => 22.00
'register' => 1
'delivery_address' =>
'postcode' => 2700
'country' => Australia
'state' => New South Wales
'state_id' => 561
'country_id' => 036
'state_abbrev' => NSW
'country_iso' => AU
'country_iso3' => AUS
'user_defined' =>
'estimate' =>
'billing_address' =>
'postcode' => 2700
'country' => Australia
'state' => New South Wales
'state_id' => 561
'country_id' => 036
'state_abbrev' => NSW
'country_iso' => AU
'country_iso3' => AUS
'user_defined' =>
'estimate' =>
'shipping' =>
'offset' => 1
'name' => All_In_One_Shipping
'product' => Local Pick Up
'value' => 0
'tax_id' => 3
'tax' =>
'default_shipping_set' => 1

echnical Details

CubeCart Version
PHP Version (7.3 Recommended)
MySQL Version
Image folder size
Download folder size
Max. Upload filesize
Browser user-agent
Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.16; rv:86.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/86.0
Server Software
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You can try two things. I do not know exactly how this will turn out (as I haven't made these experiments).

Disabling the Estimate shipping and tax setting. (Thus AIOS will not give you anything.) Or,

When you choose NZ as the country, did you try to then checkout only to find that CubeCart took you back to the same page with a banner saying "shipping choices have changed"?


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