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Joyride Nub Position


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Hey all,

I've managed to figure out how to reposition the nub in the welcome tour using the following:

<li data-button="Next" data-id="joy-side" data-options="tipLocation:top;nubPosition:left;">

Does anyone know how to get the bottom left? I've tried the following:

nubPosition:left, bottom;
nubPosition:left bottom;
nubPosition:bottom, left;
nubPosition:bottom left;

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I've tried changing the tiplocation but that didn't work either. I found a solution but it does not work with the joyride in cube cart. Maybe some code needs to be added to the javascript file im thinking. the solution is https://codepen.io/adam-huffman/pen/eKgIE. I'm going to requestit be added to cube cart.

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