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AIOS when you need to add a specific range of post codes


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I see the example it gives you in the AIOS but not sure if I understand it correctly.  If I want only a specific range like say one small city.  for example: Postal code range for Timmins is from P4N 0A0 to P4R 9Z9 as per the Canada post website.

Do I have to look up every postal code in that range and enter each one like the example below? or do I enter it as P4N*, P4R*  for that range?

Thanks for the help 🙂

Instructions (Canada)

  • List your postcodes on separate lines, or separated by commas.
  • Use an asterisk (*) or a percent sign (%) to match any letters/numbers (any length, zero or more characters) e.g. M*
  • Use an underscore (_) to match exactly one letter/number e.g. M4B 1B_
  • Note that you cannot use a dash (-) to match a number range since Canadian postcodes contain letters.

Shipping Zone Example (Section of Downtown Toronto)

M4G*, M4H*, M4M*, M4W*, M4X*, M4Y*,
M5A*, M5B*, M5C*, M5E*, M5G*, M5H*, M5J*,
M5K, M5L*, M5T*, M5V*, M5W*, M5X*
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