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Error in /classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 42

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I've got a CubeCart store running happily on a web server, but I've just got a new Synology NAS and thought that I'd install CubeCart to do some work on an offline copy of the store.

  1. I uploaded the 6.4.2 zip file and unzipped it
  2. Used phpMyAdmin to create a new dB and user
  3. Ran setup (after making sure permissions on the folders were set)
  4. Setup ran OK, gave me the "green light"
  5. Now, if I try and access the site or the admin screen I get the error "Fatal error: No such file or directory in /volume4/web/shop/CubeCart/classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 42"

Ive checked through this forum and this always seems to be a username / password issue (or so I think). The setup script created the global.inc file, not me manually and it appears to be correct, so I'm really doubtful its this. However, it's not working and I'm stumped ...


Just to confirm, php7.3 and this is a vanilla install, not a copy of the working store (yet).

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When using phpMyAdmin to create the user, what 'host' did you use to connect to 'root'? Was it "localhost" or "", or something else?

For the user, how did you express the connection address allowed? "localhost",", or something else?

I am recalling something about recent versions of a database and the use of "localhost" - but I could mis-remembering.

Please use phpMyAdmin to review the connection address for this user and verify globals.inc.php uses the same address.


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The host was localhost.

The host name for the database user in phpMyAdmin is also localhost. I presume that's what you mean by 


For the user, how did you express the connection address allowed

globals.inc.php lists 

$glob['dbhost'] = 'localhost';

It connected to the database OK during the setup process and made all the tables OK in the database. 

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