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USPS plugin pulls retail rates

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Google is complaining that my shipping charge on some sample listings resulting from our feed data does not match the shipping price found on the website Checkout page for a given zip code. It seems the issue is that Google is using commercial shipping rates, but CC is pulling retail rates. Is there any way to code the USPS extension to pull the commercial rates?

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As I understand it, USPS will provide commercial rates if you have notified the USPS that you wish to use commercial rates coupled to the username that USPS provided to you when you signed up for access to the Rate Request API.

The module code says:


Retail: the rates given when mailing packages at the USPS Service Counter.

Commercial: the rates quoted from other than at a service counter, such as online sources, and you have the authority and ability to personally print and affix USPS authorized postage.

You can try to set the module to request commercial rates and see if anything different shows up.

However, the way I see it, if setting the module to request commercial rates, and USPS provides those commercial rates, then, obviously, you shouldn't show up at the Post Office counter expecting to pay those commercial rates. But there is that issue of personally printing actual USPS shipping labels.

(Used to work at a place that subscribed to a Pitney-Bowes postage account. We got commercial rates, but had to rent the postage machine that printed the (official) mailing label.)

I would otherwise try to convince Google to accept your assertion that they are in the wrong.

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