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Unable to login to Admin since latest upgrade


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Hi. I'm getting an 'Invalid username or password' error when trying to log into my store since the latest upgrade. I actually have a number of stores and the others are fine. They are all running PHP 7.4, including the one that is failing. I also tried raising the PHP level to 8 on the one that is failing, but no luck.

Does anyone have any ideas please?

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Trying to login to the admin screen. A manual reinstall seems to really have buggered it up. The store is no longer working, and when I try to run setup I get:-


[Exception] /home/always/public_html/setup/index.php:271 - Call to undefined function mysql_get_client_info()

I'm trying a restore now to get back to before the update.

Ok, I've restored it back to the previous version and all is working again. What would be the best next course of action?


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There is a test in line 271 that asks PHP if a certain function is available. That function should be available if the PHP running that installation has the MySQLi extension installed. The test is probably failing because the PHP extension MySQLi might not be installed - and neither is the older obsolete MySQL(non-i) extension.

But if any database extension wasn't installed, I think not even the storefront would work.

And how would CubeCart even work before the upgrade?

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