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Help required with Ebay Developer Account Keys

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There must be someone on here that has activated the "ebay sales" or "ebay orders" plugin.

Ebay now require that you either "Opt out" of storing personal data, or supply some information before a PRODUCTION key can be accessed.

Does anyone know if you can simply OPT OUT, or does anyone know the details that are required to enter, before being able to access the production key ?


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After huge amount of time spent researching this, and getting no support from Ebay, because nobody has been taught about the Development Centre, I have found an option to make a key set work, in order to access the ebay plugins for cubecart.
NOTE : You must be capable of NOT keeping ebay data available to be stored, this is because Ebay wants you to delete customer data when one of their users request it ! So if you don't keep ebay customer data, you can "Opt out" of the Account Deletion Notification Set-up , because there is no data to erase, because you don't keep any.
I hope this might help other users who want to access ebay data through API keys.
I have spent many hours trying to find an answer, so if you see me, buy me a beer !
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Hello ,

I do not have specific idea but  I can provide some general guidance based on eBay's documentation.

To use the eBay API and access a production key, you'll need to register for an eBay developer account and apply for a production key. When you apply for a production key, eBay will ask you to provide information about your application, including the name and description of your app, the category it falls under, and the platform or technology you're using to build it.

As part of the application process, you'll also need to agree to eBay's Developer Terms of Use and provide some personal information, such as your name and contact details. If you're based in the European Union, you may also need to provide additional information to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

If you don't want to provide personal information, eBay allows you to opt out of data storage by selecting the appropriate option in your developer account settings. However, this may limit your access to certain features or APIs.

I recommend checking out eBay's developer documentation for more information on how to apply for a production key and comply with their data policies.  Nexus Iceland Login

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