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a lot of system errors


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we have recently upgraded to cubecart 6 and it works great. however, I just noticed that there are a ton of system errors in the log, and they all seem to originate from the same file, and look something like this:

[<strong>Warning</strong>] /home/.../public_html/classes/ssl.class.php:39 - Undefined array key "_g"


[<strong>Warning</strong>] /home/..../public_html/classes/sanitize.class.php:114 - Security Warning: Illegal array key "&lt;?xml_version" was detected and was removed.

do we have issues or it's normal?

thanks in advance


also this seems really strange on the error list:

[<strong>Warning</strong>] /home/.../public_html/classes/session.class.php:676 - Undefined array key "HTTP_USER_AGENT"

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Please know that 99.99% of these errors are caused by a combination of a particular school of programming style and PHP8.1 -- and are harmless.

Everything that mentions "Undefined variable", "Undefined array key", and a few others can be ignored.

You might hit one or two situations that would cause some apparent weirdness, but nothing catastrophic.


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