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FedEx does not work?


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we recently upgraded to cubecart 6 and FedEx module to 1.05. when I tried to use FedEx module for shipping for US address, with the US set as the only country and shipping origin using a US address, it gives out a message saying that the website cannot take an international order, so somehow it is detecting the country incorrectly. have anyone got the FedEx module working for a US address?


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The FedEx module works.

"the US set as the only country"

If by that you mean the US was entered in the module's "Allowed Zones" tab, then please know that the module will not even be used if CubeCart determines the order's billing (or delivery) address is not one of the countries listed on this tab.

So, for you to say that "it" gave a message (about an International order, but regardless), then the order's address must be have been in the US.

But just for an experiment, remove the countries from the "Allowed Zones" tab. Have CubeCart clear its internal cache.


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thanks for your input. I did remove the country and added it back, clear the cache in different combinations and it still does not work.

maybe you can help me by telling me where does the cubecart decide if an order is from US? I will check to see where it went wrong. 

Just so you know, we have been using the module "by weight" for many years and it works for the same test address.

Thanks in advance.

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To have the module show us certain details about the rate request, please enable CubeCart's internal Debug Mode (admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, enable debug mode and enter your local IP address in the next field (www.showmyip.com).

Then, make this small edit:

In the FedEx module, shipping.class.php, near line 229-230, find:

      $response = $this->_client->getRates($request);

Change to:

      $response = $this->_client->getRates($request);

When the FedEx module makes a rate request, the actual request and response will be shown in the debug popup window, near the bottom.

(You might need to allow your browser to show popups. If so, you may need to close that popup and have the browser reload the checkout page.)


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when I choose FedEx as the extension to use, the cubecart does not seem to recognize it. when an item is added to basket, the website message says that there is no shipping method available. is there something special that needs to be done to enable the FedEx shipping module?

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