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How to make general changes to the std theme.

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Hi all.

Can someone help me get the info, that should be somewhere on this site ?

Which are the basic files I need to change in order to modify, say the basic template supplied.

I know where the main template files are located, but I am a bit unsure about making changes to colours, text sizes, etc

I presume these are controlled by CSS style sheets, or similar, so I suppose I need a basic teaching course on the basics of cubecart, and I presume this must be somewhere on the forum ?

I can do basic PHP and obviously HTML, I just need some teaching about where and which files to change to modify the look ?

Thanks in advance


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Everything (well, 99.999% for CC6) that is viewed on the storefront is contained entirely in the named skin folder -- Foundation, for example.

When wanting to experiment with how the skin looks, it is best to have CubeCart's "Cache" setting at 'Disabled' (admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, Enable Caching). This will prevent CubeCart from combining and squeezing the javascript and CSS files into single, cached files. (Doing this minification makes it a pain to see changes.)

No, these forums do not contain any organized instruction of CubeCart, nor how to construct a CC6 skin.



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Locate CSS Files: They are typically found in the skins/YOUR_SKIN_NAME/style directory. The main stylesheet is often named styles.css or similar. Edit CSS for Styling: Here, you can change colors, fonts, sizes, and other visual properties. Template Files: If you want to modify the structure, look for .tpl files in the skins/YOUR_SKIN_NAME/templates directory. Learn More: The CubeCart forums and documentation will have additional resources and tutor    TellTims

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