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404 error on a product page


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we have a broken link on a product page, and cannot figure out what is going on, all other pages seem to work. I was wondering what might be wrong with it?

Here is the link to the broken page: 

30V 100A High Current High Voltage Regulated DC Power Supply HY30100EX 220V VOLTEQ

url: volteq.com/volteq-power-supply-hy30100ex-30v-100a-over-voltage-over-current-protection-220v-input.html

similar links work, like this one:

30V 100A High Current High Voltage Regulated DC Power Supply HY30100EX 110V VOLTEQ

url: volteq.com/volteq-power-supply-hy30100ex-30v-100a-over-voltage-over-current-protection-110v-input.html

As far as I can tell, there is no difference other than the product detail: the first one is with 220V input, andthe second one is with 110V input

thanks in advance!


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In the "Switching Power Supply" category, I found the 110V variant, but not the 220V variant, in the listing.

On the 220V variant product's admin details, General tab, are you sure the product has its Status checkbox checked? Might there be something entered in the "List from" date entry field? Might it be out of stock and the store settings say to hide out of stock? Might it be assigned a primary category, other than Switching Power Supply", where that category is disabled?


Well, scratch all that. I see the 220V variant just below the 110V variant in the listing - just with a wildly different Name.

Please determine the product_ids (21 for the 110V variant) of these tow items. Then using an external database utility, look in the table CubeCart_seo_urls and find the rows for those item_id's of type prod.

Compare the path with what you expect.

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thanks for your comment. I looked it up in the database, the product id is 22.

I can't see any difference in the way the two are stored in the seo database.

I just cleared the cache on the admin page, and it seems to work now. Could this be simply due to the cache on the server?

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Probably. The seo 'path' that gets associated with product 22 shouldn't change at all, once created and databased. So, the query that uses this path to figure out the product ID value would naturally come from CubeCart's cache.

However, I don't know what would have been cached that would have caused CubeCart to not find the proper product ID.


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