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Is there a PHP sweet spot for upgrading CubeCart v6 ?


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I have an online store running CubeCart 6.1.14 with PHP version 7.0.33.  I want to upgrade to CubeCart 6.5.3 which will require PHP version 7.4 (with 8.2 recommended).  Is there a PHP maximum/minimum sweet spot for both versions of CubeCart so I can continue to run the old store while I test and modify the new one?

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CC646 says PHP 5.5 is the minimum, but that was not correct.

CC647 incorporated a correction to state that PHP 7.1 is the minimum.

CC645 says PHP 5.5 is the minimum, and also says it will not run under PHP 8.

I have CC6012 through CC645 running under PHP 7.4.

So, maybe I misunderstood your initial question? Are you saying you have issues running CC6114 under PHP 7.4?

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I haven't tested 6.1.14 under PHP 7.4 - but given that some versions of CubeCart work/don't under different PHP versions, all I wanted to know was a PHP version where both the old and new carts would work. I didn't want to jump in at the deep and have days where the store was broken.

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I will install a stock CC6114 and run it under PHP 7.4. I'll report back if there are any issues.

Also, be advised that any ionCube encoded third-party modules built for PHP 7.0, will need to be given some consideration when creating an environment with PHP 7.4. The ionCube decoder may need to be upgraded to run under PHP 7.4, and that means the encoded modules will have to have specific versions available for that environment.


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