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delivery address messed up


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today we encountered some really strange issues on our website. basically for a few hours, the state of the delivery addresses on the orders we received were changed to some other states; no pattern was found on how the states got mixed up.

Any idea what might be causing this? Should we be worried about potential hack?


Thanks in advance for your help!


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So, when the order was created, the state name was correct, but then at some time later, when viewing that Order Summary in admin, the state name shown on the Overview tab is not correct?

In admin, Admin Activity, scan the list for anything that looks suspicious.


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Do you use PayPal? PayPal has this "mode" that will update the customer's address in CubeCart, with what (I presume is) PayPal has on record for the customer's 'verified' delivery address. (Note: I am not familiar with PayPal at all - this is just something I see complained about in these forums on occasion.)

(Which has me asking the question: would this 'feature' cause shipping charges to be wrong?)

Using an external database utility, look at CubeCart_order_summary, the customer_id, state, and state_d columns for a suspect order. Note the numerical values.

Then look at CubeCart_addressbook for all the records where the customer_id is as was noted earlier. Compare the state numerical values.

You can determine the name of the state by looking at CubeCart_geo_zone and use the id value of the table as the state numerical value.

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